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Amy's Post Fight Check Up!
Nurse Kira had had a very long day! With the Karate Tournament in town the local Hospital had set up a check up bus to monitor and treat any girls in the tournament who might need or wish it. Already she had set several broken wrists, cleaned some cuts, and even had to help one girl get a splinter rout of her eye!
For the most part though the tournament had been a smashing success and enjoyable and safe and free of major incidents. As the tournament was coming to a close only a few contenders remained in the fight. Nurse Kira let down her long black hair from her pony tail and sighed, stretching a bit. Maybe another contestant or two and she would be off for the day.
The door to the mobile check up station opened and in walked a short petite brunette in a Gi. She was short and petite and looked rather worn out, visibly exhausted but still managed to look her best. She had brown eyes and her hair back in a pony tail. She panted and sat back in a chair.
"Hi there, I am Nurse Kira, I will
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Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 9
Mr. Krupp was soaking wet, tired, and frustrated on the drive home. It was highly unlikely the crazy story his family was telling him too. George... bringing him along had been a mistake and  he was somehow to blame from the black out and probably Dakota going into a Koi pond!
"I am telling you I saw it with my own eyes!" Miranda said amazed. "You looked like a total dork! You became a self proclaimed super hero and ran around and actually saved that little boy's life!"
"I can see George and Hope playing this crap! But you and Bri? Come on, your my own sister! You guys get onto me for being grumpy! But then everyone comes together to pull crap like this!" Mr. Krupp grumbled and focused on the road.
"See! that was the best part, you were like old Benny again..." Miranda snapped. "Not this grumpy old grouch you have become!" Mr. Krupp opened his mouth to protest but through better of it and just exhaled. Bri was there and the main thing is that she had met his parents and they seeme
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Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 8
After the drive back from Miranda's things were quiet around the Krupp house. Hope was grounded and pretty much lost her TV privileges for a week. Mr. Krupp also told his daughter if he caught her hanging around with Herold or George, especially George she would only add days to her grounding. She reluctantly accepted her punishment, but there was no way he was stopping her from seeing George. If he could have Bri, she could have George.
If she hadn't already lost him.
She remembered Dakota's words about kissing, and even remember that gross sloppy kiss on her cheek and all that make up. Apparently boys liked that? Well she was really crushing on him, so she would have to try. She started by kissing the mirror and her stuffed animals. It was just so weird, just like funny adult stuff. She wondered why anybody would want to be an adult when everything made adults blush, laugh, and fight.
Even though she was grounded, she still went to school every day. Her dad was having all the teacher
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Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 7
Hope had made up her mind that night as she lay in her room both afraid of her father's anger and furious with his choices over the last week. They had the perfect relationship, why did it have to change? Why did he need Bri when he had her!? She wasn't sure the total plan, but she was running away. First she wanted to see George, sure she had used him before in front of her dad, but for some reason she felt so much better just being around him. She was going to get him to ditch school tomorrow too!
Boy wouldn't that have her dad all angry and pissed off! She would show him! He should have stayed away from that Bri! Mr. Krupp always left about an hour earlier than when the bus arrived. So this was always the only chance Bri had to have some alone time. Of course when she got older she wouldn't even need a babysitter or anything.
As the bus pulled up and honked Hope ran around and hid in the bushes. She spotted Herold and George and Herold near a window goofing off and laughing. George
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Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 6
The sun shining through the window is what finally woke Mr. Krupp up. With a big yawn he looked down at the peacefully sleeping Bri. The SLEEPING BRI! Oh Crap! She slept over! Mr. Krupp fell off the couch and with a thud, hit the floor. Bri rubbed her eyes sleepily and then gasp as she too realized what had happened.
"Oh crap!" Bri gasped. "What time is it?!" Mr. Krupp looked at the clock on the wall.
"7:35!? School in thirty minutes!" Mr. Krupp whispered. Quickly he rushed into the bathroom, slashed water on his face and gasped. "Hope!" what if she woke up and saw Bri there. He rushed back into the living room where Bri was getting a little less naked.
"You gotta get out of here... if Hope sees... she will be mad as a hornet!" Mr. Krupp said handing Bri some of her clothing as she quickly dressed herself. "I cant believe we fell asleep!"
"I know!" Bri chuckled a little. "It was worth it!" Mr. Krupp playfully pushed her to the door and quickly drove her home. Watching his watch, he kne
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Mature content
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 5 :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:SirAshtonOfAquitiane 1 4
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt 4
Mr. Krupp closed the door after letting Bri into his car and walked around to his side. Possibly it had been the worst night, and obviously the worst date of his life. Surely Bri had been having pity on him, the only explanation for her not walking out. then there was explaining the kiss, there was nothing fake or controlled about it. Though it was a simple kiss it was a real one, with feeling. She did have some sort f feeling towards him.
"I just want to say again how sorry I am about... well tonight... all of it..." Mr. Krupp said in his usual no nonsense Principle voice and tone. Bri giggled a little.
"Honestly it was probably the most fun I have had in a very long time!" Bri replied and to Mr. Krupp's surprise, touched his hand. "Really Benny... I hope we can do something like this again."
"Yes... I would love that!" Mr. Krupp replied. "Next time with less fish, whoopee cushion, flour and ice water though..." Bri giggled again and blushed. She didn't mind how embarrassed he was, sh
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Cookie By Heathersuoh :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:SirAshtonOfAquitiane 11 12
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 3
Sitting on the bed with his daughter, Mr. Krupp was able to calm the saddened and angered Hope down. He explained to her that no woman would ever replace her, and that she was his princess and he loved her more than anything. She knew all this and hearing her father say it reconfirmed how much he really cared. After a fun dad and daughter date to the pizza place she hugged him good night and he turned out her light and she remembered how great a father he was, even though others didn't really see it. She loved her dad...
But this Bri had to go...
She was going to make her dad look as dumb as he did as that silly Captain Underpants! She was going to make Bri think he was a loser. Sure it would hurt seeing her dad so sad from his failed date, but then Hope could do what her name implied and give him hope! She would be his baby girl and she would cheer him back up in no time. If she was lucky she would make it so awkward that Bri would have to look for another school to teach at!
The next
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Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt 2
things seemed to go back to normal for Hope, well at least somewhat. She still was mad at George and Herold for what they had done to her father. Though they had shared the secret to his "powers" Mr. Krupp stayed Mr. Krupp the following weeks. Hope was pretty sure she scared the fear of God into the two boys who otherwise might use her dad as their own personal made up super hero.
As for the teacher Bri, it seemed maybe she was keeping quiet. Hope knew other than herself, George, and Herold. Nobody at the school seemed to know of the incident, they were all too busy waiting out for the clean up and the emergency people to come. She had seen the way that crazy teacher had looked at her dad though, and she didn't like it. She made sure to keep both eyes on that dastardly new science teacher at all times and make sure she stayed good away from her dad! She was her daddy's girl, not some overly classy young science teacher!
She had grown somewhat closer to George and Herold, not that she l
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Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants
Those who knew Mr. Krupp knew him as a hard man to get along with. Not necessarily mean or terrible by any means, but he was certainly not personable. Those who knew him a little better knew somewhat why he was the way he was. Mr. Krupp, the Principle at Jerome Horrowitz Elementary School had lost his wife not too awfully long after the birth of their one and only daughter; Hope. This had hit Mr. Krupp very hard and some said he never recovered from her loss. Changing from the quite but kindly man to the grouch the kids at the school called him.
If there was one ray of light in Mr. Krupp's life it was his only daughter; Hope. Mr. Krupp loved his little girl with all that he was, and she loved him right back. Those who saw the hard man to deal with Principle Krupp would be shocked to see the way he could be around his girl. It could be said that Hope was in fact Mr. Krupp's hope, his hope for happiness.
Hope did take a bit of a ribbing by the other students who swore up and down Princip
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Mature content
A Vile Thing (Part 1 of 2) :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:SirAshtonOfAquitiane 2 1
Mature content
Revelations M and P Part 4 :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:SirAshtonOfAquitiane 2 2
South of the Border R And P Part 3
The Ford Taurus was old but ran well for it as age, the air conditioning didn't work through and the hot New Mexico dessert road. With the windows down Melody's hair began as messy as the rest of her. The Puppet Master stared out the window thoughtfully, and the little girl just stared through the rear view mirror into Melody's eyes. She tired to piece together what had happened.
The Circus was attacked, she murdered two cultist crazy ladies, and was now in a car with a child and a Puppet girl from her circus she knew very little about, going to find a buyer in Mexico for a jewel they almost died to retrieve. the logic in her actions since her getting knocked unconscious was not so great. What the hell was she doing? She looked at the Puppet Master; the girl was young, maybe a late teen or possibly twenty. Medium height, medium weight for a girl. A cute face, but again just a normal girl. Somehow this girl had roused her and the two f them had taken out a trained cultist lady.
Melody h
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Mature content
Breached (Ringmistress and Puppet Master Pt 2) :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:SirAshtonOfAquitiane 3 15
Playng golf... WITH HER TAIL! :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:SirAshtonOfAquitiane 9 2


Relaxing~ :iconmedicatedcannibal:MedicatedCannibal 4 1
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Squigly's Struggles (Comm'd) :iconepictones:EpicTones 100 3


Wow! this is excellent! I have to admit I love everything about it, from the colors and wow factor to the depth and layers. I am not an...



Nurse Kira had had a very long day! With the Karate Tournament in town the local Hospital had set up a check up bus to monitor and treat any girls in the tournament who might need or wish it. Already she had set several broken wrists, cleaned some cuts, and even had to help one girl get a splinter rout of her eye!

For the most part though the tournament had been a smashing success and enjoyable and safe and free of major incidents. As the tournament was coming to a close only a few contenders remained in the fight. Nurse Kira let down her long black hair from her pony tail and sighed, stretching a bit. Maybe another contestant or two and she would be off for the day.

The door to the mobile check up station opened and in walked a short petite brunette in a Gi. She was short and petite and looked rather worn out, visibly exhausted but still managed to look her best. She had brown eyes and her hair back in a pony tail. She panted and sat back in a chair.

"Hi there, I am Nurse Kira, I will be attending to you today!" Nurse Kira said in a sweet voice. She knew these girls were giving it there all and could see in this particular fighter's expression she was somewhat frustrated. "Can I have your name please?"

"Amy..." The girl said flatly, still panting pretty heavy.

"Its nice to meet you Amy, and I just want to say congratulations out there!" Nurse Kira said leaning in and glowing her light into Amy's ears.

"Yea... thanks... but I didn't win... I lost in the semi finals..." Amy said dryly. She was clearly pretty disappointed. "I went out too strong... she was bigger than me, I should have lured her in."

"Semi Finals though! That is great out of so many contestants who didn't even place!" Nurse Kira checked each ear. "Ears look good Amy, can you say "Ahhh" for me?"

"Ahhh!" Amy opened up and Nurse Kira took a look down Amy's throat. Every thing was clear.

"Okay thank you Amy," Nurse Kira said.

"Yea, it was that Russian girl... I was convinced I could come out strong and take her off guard but she played it cool..." Amy said shaking her head. "Sorry... I just... I just thought I had more fight in me I guess..."

"DO you mind if I check your reflexes Amy?" Nurse Kira asked and Amy pulled up her loose fitting Gi pant leg so Nurse Kira could use the rubber mallet on her knee. "I saw her, Sasha? Yes, I heard she has won this tournament before! Just facing her must have been an honor!"

"Yes, its true... and this is just my second year competing..." Amy said as Nurse Kira smacked her lightly with the hammer. She repeated the process on Amy's other leg and then nodded.

"Second year!? Wow and the Semi Finals too! That is truly impressive!" Nurse Kira said. "Reflexes look great." Nurse Kira rolled over the blood pressure machine and strap the cuff around Amy's arm. Amy complied and allowed Nurse Kira to set her arm on a rest on the side of the chair. Nurse Kira squeezed the ball and inflated the cuff reading the readings on the analog blood pressure and heart rate monitor.

"Yea, I really feel like its something I can succeed at... I just have to push harder next year, and train my best." Amy said. Nurse Amy nodded and took the reading.

"Everything looks great Amy, you seem to be in tip top shape!" Nurse Kira removed the cuff and plugged her ears with the stethoscope that hung around her neck. "I'm going to check your heart beat and your lungs now is that okay? You can keep your Gi on. I should be able to get it." Amy nodded and already her panting had slowed considerably from when she first came in. Nurse Kira moved the stethoscope around on the petite brunette's chest until she found what she was looking for.

"Good... a little fast... but good!" Nurse Kira said with a smile. "I know you just worked your hardest out there so its a little quick paced, but things are all good. Nice strong heartbeat."

"Am I good to go Nurse Kira?" Amy asked politely, I was wanting to catch the final match. See if Sasha wins or that other American girl."

"Just got to check your lungs and you should be good to go!" Nurse Kira replied. "Here I am just going to put this on your back and when I ask you to, if you could just breathe in a nice deep breath, and exhale normally." Nurse Kira was used to these girls taking huge gulps of air and then exhaling wildly, so many people just didn't know how to listen or follow directions! Amy though, did as she was asked and took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

"Good, sounding good, no fluid or buildup of mucus..." Nurse Kira adjusted the stethoscope. "Can I get a cough from you Amy?" Amy nodded and let out a few coughs while Nurse Kira listened in. Amy sighed at the end, still looking down. Nurse Kira felt bad for her.

"Well if you were a little kid I would give you some candy... you can still have some if you like.. but since you are all grown up I will give you advice..." Nurse Kira said with a reassuring smile. Amy cocked an eyebrow.

"Sure Nurse, what is that?" Amy asked curious.

"Stick with it, you are talented and shouldn't bat yourself up over this! Sasha is am amazing fighter, so is everyone who gets invited to take part in this tournament! You took the fight to one of the best and came in here without being all beat up!" Nurse Kira smiled. "I hope next year we can meet again and possibly you will be the last check up I give cause you are busy getting your Championship medal!"

Amy smiled and stood up.

"Thanks Nurse Amy, means a lot really... I mean I push myself and sometimes it is nice for people to recognize the hard work, cause sometimes I think I dont recognize it myself..." Amy said. "Thank you... see you again next year!"

Amy closed the door gently behind her and Nurse Kira gathered her things so she would be ready for the next fighter. With a smile she put her hair back up.
Amy's Post Fight Check Up!
Commission for :iconrathbane:

I wrote a story for him based on some very lovely images  he had commissioned by :icontigerssunshyn:
Mr. Krupp was soaking wet, tired, and frustrated on the drive home. It was highly unlikely the crazy story his family was telling him too. George... bringing him along had been a mistake and  he was somehow to blame from the black out and probably Dakota going into a Koi pond!

"I am telling you I saw it with my own eyes!" Miranda said amazed. "You looked like a total dork! You became a self proclaimed super hero and ran around and actually saved that little boy's life!"

"I can see George and Hope playing this crap! But you and Bri? Come on, your my own sister! You guys get onto me for being grumpy! But then everyone comes together to pull crap like this!" Mr. Krupp grumbled and focused on the road.

"See! that was the best part, you were like old Benny again..." Miranda snapped. "Not this grumpy old grouch you have become!" Mr. Krupp opened his mouth to protest but through better of it and just exhaled. Bri was there and the main thing is that she had met his parents and they seemed to really like her. Dakota was asleep and soon George and Hope followed her. Miranda soon followed them leaving Bri and Mr. Krupp the only two awake.

"I really am glad you took me to meet your parents Benny..." Bri said with a smile. "I felt like that went well... and they seemed to approve?" Mr. Krupp smiled. Some of that anger already gone just looking into her eyes.

"They loved you... how could they not..." Mr. Krupp smiled and not long after even Bri fell asleep. Mr. Krupp let the carload sleep. Probably for the better, he was shocked and confused at how they all could come together and use a simple black out as the biggest prank yet!

The next school week seemed to see a truce on all fronts of the drama unfolding in the Krupp household. Hope was still grounded and only allowed to see George in class, not outside of class, but she found ways around it and managed to spend some time with him. At first Herold was not on board, worried the crazy daughter of Mr. Krupp was truly using her friend to try and break up Bri and her Dad.

Over time though Herold quickly learned that the two truly did like each other and was more and more comfortable with it, even helping them dodge the watchful eyes of Mr. Krupp! George was still a prankster though and on occasion found ways to make Mr. Krupp's life miserable, never using Hope though.

After school on Friday Hope was more excited than she had been in a long time! She skipped to the car where Mr. Krupp waited to pick her up around the front of the school. Already her plan was in motion with Miranda, her Aunt, to guarantee George would get to tag along. Luckily his parents were easy going and had already said it was fine.

"So are you all packed and ready for a camping trip in the old RV?" Mr. Krupp asked. Hope nodded rapidly.

"Yes sir!" She said excitedly. Mr. Krupp was certainly not approving of her close friendship with George, but their relationship had gotten better the week following the disastrous family reunion prank where they all tried to convince him he was a silly made up super hero of George's twisted mind called Captain Underpants! Hope hated Bri, but she also liked George and luckily that was bringing some of her attention away from her breaking up her Dad schemes. At least for now.

It played both ways. Mr. Krupp could not stand the thought of his baby girl running around with a prankster and troublemaker like George, but they were just kids Miranda kept reminding him, and that George also had more than one watchful eye keeping him away from his daughter. Both of them seemed to act as if none of this was going on today though, they were going on a fun camping adventure.

"I am kind of surprised you are not mad when I told you Bri is coming along..." Mr. Krupp said suspiciously. Hope was actually mad, but she had her own plans in motion. She shook her head.

"I am actually glad, Bri is such an idiot she might just get eaten by a bear and then I wont even have to worry about her!" Hope said cheerfully.

"Hope! That is a terrible thing to say!" Mr. Krupp snapped.

"Well what would you say if it were George!? Huh?" Hope crossed her arms. Mr. Krupp knew she had a point in some crazy way.

"Well we are all still going to have a wonderful time camping, even Dakota is coming, which is surprising cause she will have no phone service out there..." Mr. Krupp smiled. "this will be good for her and Miranda I think." Hope rolled her eyes. Just like her dad thinking he knew best for everyone! Well maybe Captain Underpants knew better for them all! If only he knew who she was when he was like that!

Once they were back home it didn't take them long to get their things loaded. they had been preparing for this all week and Hope was genuinely excited, especially cause little did her dad know she was going to get to show George her favorite vacation spot! Her dad was going to be so angry and grumpy! She didn't care though, she had bitten her tongue and put up with Bri all week for this, his turn to see what it was like!

Mr. Krupp fired  up the big old RV and they drove right over to Miranda's house on the far side of town. It was a short drive but the drive to the Jones' house, but neither Miranda nor Dakota were ready. Mr. Krupp sat on the couch slightly agitated, they knew about this all week. Miranda began throwing together a bag while Dakota sat in the living room floor putting on her make up.

"Hoping one of those bears finds you to be attractive Kota?" Mr. Krupp asked sighing heavily as he waited.

"I don't know, just trying to be presentable... Mr. Hot Date Ben, look at your fly silly old man..." Dakota replied without turning away from the mirror as she meticulously rolled a brush across her eyelashes. Mr. Krupp blushed and quickly zipped up his fly. Good thing he, or Dakota anyways, caught it before Bri got there! Bri was there shortly and everyone was ready to head out once Miranda was finally packed. Being that it was a four hour trip to the mountains, Hope's plan was already working.

Half way there the trip was already exciting and going perfectly. Mr. Krupp couldn't be happier to take the family out into the woods and get away from it all. Miranda kept trying to play that stupid prank that he was some weird self proclaimed super hero, but he just zoned her out, she was already looking up places to go and hang out with Bri in the neighboring little village near to where they would be camping. Much to Mr. Krupp's delight Hope had been pretty quiet and not even once been rude to Bri. She and Dakota were in the back of the RV being suspiciously quiet though...

"Anybody want a drink? I'll go inside while Benny Boy pumps gas!" Miranda said. She took a few requests and headed in while Mr. Krupp stopped and began to refuel the big RV. He smiled, something he had managed to do a big in the last few days. this was great! No worries about pranks, or embarrassment, just a nice trip into the mountains and getting away!

"Dang Mister Krupp this is gonna be so fun! thanks for letting me tag along!" The voice made Mr. Krupp's whole demeanor change... as his heart fell nearly out of his chest. George was walking into the gas station from inside the RV! "I gotta go pee!" Mr. Krupp screamed at the top of his lungs and without even realizing it he jerked the gas pump right out of the RV!

Gas splattered and slashed all around, but a good deal of it landed right on his pants... on the crotch of his pants. Hope and Dakota were coming back with smiles and laughs, obviously they both knew something about this scheme! they were eating some ice cream and both stopped and stared when they saw the gas covered Mr. Krupp looking like he had gone and peed himself! Dakota burst out laughing and Hope nearly busted her gut as she literally dropped her ice cream. George came back from inside and looked him over.

"Gosh Mr. Krupp... I would have let you go first if I would have known it was THAT bad!" George said. Mr. Krupp's face was suddenly darkening to a red red RED!

"GEORGE!?" Mr. Krupp shouted so loud pretty much everyone in the gas station stopped and stared, seeing his soaked pants. "George!!" Mr. Krupp grabbed the boy by the back of this shirt! Already Miranda was running over and waving. Dakota and Hope were laughing so hard they were crying and were no use to come to George's aid.

"Benny Krupp you let that little boy go this very instant!" Miranda shouted. Hearing the commotion Bri got out of the RV and gasp wide eyed spotting George and Mr. Krupp holding him by the collar! Mr. Krupp turned to his sister, looking like he could throw the little boy across the parking lot.

"You don't seem surprised!? You knew about this!?" Mr. Krupp growled.

"Put him down Benny!" Bri gasped. Mr. Krupp slowly lowered George and glared at him.

"This is going too far!" Mr. Krupp shouted. "Everybody in the RV we are going home!"

"We most certainly are not!" Miranda snapped. "We planned this trip for ages!"

"We didn't plan this little prank!" Mr. Krupp shouted.

"And we didn't plan you acting out either Benny! Geez, he is just a friend to your little girl, he wants to come along, I already told his mother and father he could!" Miranda said putting her hands on her hips.

"You what!?" Mr. Krupp was red faced and looked so angered and betrayed. Bri took his arm and held him firmly.

"Honey... calm down this can still be a wonderful vacation, for all of us!" Bri said. This helped at least turn his face back from looking like a beet!

"You told his family? This was planned by all of you? Just like that silly Captain Underpants prank you made up!" Mr. Krupp laughed so loud. It wasn't a happy laugh though. "Must I go through constant torment!?"

"Oh baby, no... I had no clue... honey its going to be alright... I have been so excited for this getaway..." Bri squeezed his hand. Somehow she was really talking him down. Mr. Krupp looked at George, then at the now concerned Hope. He felt truly betrayed this time, but Bri was right, what could be done.

"Get in the RV... everyone... we are going to the mountains..." Mr. Krupp spoke and everyone cheered. Bri frowned though cause Mr. Krupp no longer seemed too happy about it. She decided her only goal this trip was to make it a good trip for him.

Back in the RV was tense... at least at first. For the next ten minutes or so it was silent. George, usually easy going was pretty shaken up by the ordeal. Miranda was just mad at her brother's outburst. Hope sat next to George feeling bad for him, and Dakota had fallen asleep on one of the beds. Bri looked Mr. Krupp over and could tell he was very hurt and feeling betrayed, but none of it was directed at her.

"I am sorry Benny..." Bri said softly. "But one set back doesn't define this trip! It is going to be great!" Mr. Krupp growled a bit.

"Yea... just keep that troublemaker away from me AND away from my daughter!" Mr. Krupp snapped remember all too well Hopes words "If you can have Bri I can have George." Sure she was a little girl and didn't understand love, but that still bothered him... A LOT.

Mr. Krupp did manage to calm down and before long things were a bit more light hearted in the RV again. while Dakota snoozed George and Hope played checkers on Dakota's back cause she had that kinda of pattern shirt on. Before long Miranda was back to cracking jokes and picking on Mr. Krupp as a kid. Telling Bri embarrassing stories and making Mr. Krupp all red faced.

"One time, when he was out with Delila, I think it was a few years before Hope was conceived, he was again being his over confident self and tried to impress her by ordering the hottest wings at a bar. Well... lets say he was crying for mommy that night and drank at least ten glasses of water!" Miranda laughed and Mr. Krupp just shook his head. Bri sweetly laughed, but not disrespectfully.

"Oh Benny... I hope you have fun like that with me sometime, just remember not to get the wings too hot!" Bri giggled and Mr. Krupp smirked a little. He smiled at her and that made Bri feel a whole lot better about him.

With no more wacky incidents or pranks, they finally pulled into the camp spot. It was perfect weather. A sign for a pool made Dakota, Hope, and George cheer and Mr. Krupp roll his eyes. Luckily it was about a mile walk from camp so they wouldn't have to worry about more pesky kids! Once they were good and stopped Mr. Krupp decided to go over the rules.

"Okay then! We are all to be back at the RV at sundown! And no kids alone anywhere at any time! Dakota, you are responsible for Hope and George and seeing to it they aren't getting into trouble!" Mr. Krupp said loudly.

"Uncle Ben! This is suppose to be vacation!" Dakota protested.

"Well you don't have phone service, what else are you going to do?" Mr. Krupp asked. "Hmmm?"

"I was going to..." Dakota rolled her eyes. "Fine... Lets go guys... lets check out the lake or the pool..." George and Hope cheered and Mr. Krupp glared at that boy, he didn't like this one bit!

"I think I will go check out the town!" Miranda said, "Tomorrow I will bring you with me Bri, but thought you might want some alone time with your man!" Miranda winked, waved and headed off to the trail that would lead into the little nearby village.

Mr. Krupp and Bri walked hand in hand and took in the sights and sounds of nature. It had been him and Delila's favorite place, then him, and Hope. Now here he was with a new chapter in his life, the lovely Bri and was glad to know she too loved it. As they walked Bri would spot a pretty Squirrel or see a strange bird and get all excited. Mr. Krupp pulled her close and gave her a kiss.

"It is so beautiful here! Do we ever have to go home?" Bri hugged him. Mr. Krupp couldn't have wished for a better way to start the camping weekend. He had nearly forgotten about George already! AS Bri started to walk ahead she stopped.

"Oh snap! I forgot my camera back in the RV!" Bri snapped her fingers as she said it... She hear Mr. Krupp's shirt tear and a sudden loud and very memorable "Tra la laa!"

Dakota had stripped into a yellow bikini and was dead to the world beside the lake they had wandered down to. George waved his hands in front of her over sized sunglasses with no response.

"Your cousin sleeps a lot!" George said.

"Yea, she is very lazy... and very dumb too... I think when we get to be teenagers we are stupid for awhile, then smart again as adults... poke her..." Hope said. George poked Dakota's cheek. Yep she was completely out of it and asleep. they laughed and filled her hair with twigs as a prank.

"Well then what should we do!?" Hope asked. "Don't have to worry about her ordering us around, I figure we can come back here in an hour and wake her up and tell her we just skipped rocks!" George laughed.

Hope and George wondered into the woods and she couldn't help but reach for and take his hand. George smiled. He liked being with her.

"I am glad Herold was okay with it, he is my best friend you know..." George confessed. "Even if he does tend to get me in trouble a lot!" they laughed together and as they were walking through the woods heard a mistakable sound...

"Tra la laaa!" It was Captain Underpants!

"Quick shield your eyes!" George said covering Hopes eyes as Captain Underpants crashed into the clearing.

"Oh my gosh.. dad! Clothes please!?" Hope gasped seeing a little through George's hands. "How embarrassing!"

"Dad!? Who is this Dad!? Are you lost child! Have you been separated from your father!?" Captain Underpants shouted.

"I'll get a bucket of water!" George shouted. At that moment Dakota burst into the clearing. Her hair was matted up with twigs and she looked pissed. Hope had never seen her like this!

"There you are you little twerps!" Dakota hissed not seeing Captain Underpants... yet...

"You think this is funny!? I'm not your dad! You guys are both dead!" But as Dakota stepped forward to come after them Captain Underpants charged her.

"Vile creature of the forest! You won't lay a finger on these children!" Captain Underpants lowered his head and charged like a bull. It all happened in slow motion for Dakota. All she could do was slowly look over the top of her sunglasses.

"You have got to be kidding...." Captain Underpants head butted the tiny Dakota right in the belly and sent her flying out of her flip flops, sunglasses, and made a bunch of the twigs in her hair fly out. Dakota screamed and went sprawling down the hill and splashed into the water. George got back with a bucket of water.

"Aha! Take that! I have vanquished the vile forest lady! Tra laa laaa!" As Captain Underpants struck a pose George tried to splash him with the water but he dodged it! Bri came hurrying down the hill eyes wide. Dakota groaned and looked up at the now mostly naked Mr. Krupp.

"Uncle Ben!?" Dakota looked so confused. "You just threw me in the lake! With your HEAD!"

"Benny! Its me!" Bri said looking at him. Captain underpants looked confused.

"You!? I have no time! Justice is to be served! I must find those in need! Tra la laaaaaa!" And with that Captain Underpants dashed into the forest.

"Somebody want to explain!?" Dakota shrieked looking pretty awfully with the twigs, being soaked and covered in lake slime.

"No time! We need to catch him before he causes a scene!" Bri shouted. For once Hope knew she was right.

"Ill go to the village, you kids back up to the campsite." Bri shook her head. "Oh Benny..."
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 9
Commission/Trade for :iconredspinel24:

Mr. Krupp's family RV trip goes from bad to worse! What kind of embarrassing and enraging situation awaits the fearless hero?
After the drive back from Miranda's things were quiet around the Krupp house. Hope was grounded and pretty much lost her TV privileges for a week. Mr. Krupp also told his daughter if he caught her hanging around with Herold or George, especially George she would only add days to her grounding. She reluctantly accepted her punishment, but there was no way he was stopping her from seeing George. If he could have Bri, she could have George.

If she hadn't already lost him.

She remembered Dakota's words about kissing, and even remember that gross sloppy kiss on her cheek and all that make up. Apparently boys liked that? Well she was really crushing on him, so she would have to try. She started by kissing the mirror and her stuffed animals. It was just so weird, just like funny adult stuff. She wondered why anybody would want to be an adult when everything made adults blush, laugh, and fight.

Even though she was grounded, she still went to school every day. Her dad was having all the teachers keep a close eye on her though, including Bri. She tried to listen to Miranda about treating Bri with respect even if she didn't like her, but Miranda didn't understand, Hope HATED her! Still she got her grades back up and started to be that model student again for the rest of the school. She was only gonna just do enough with Bri, she would never let that woman replace her mother or take her dad!

The teachers under her dad's orders were good, but they weren't as good as Hope, she knew places to go to get out from under their watchful eye. At first George seemed a little distant, but he came around and was acting like old George again, teasing her and playing pranks. She wanted him to realize though, she really did have feelings for him. the only problem was getting him alone, no Herold, no nosy teachers!

She got her chance after about a week after her running away. Herold was out of school with a cold and George was awfully bored and ended up finding and tagging along with Hope, as much as he could that is before a teacher warned him that Mr. Krupp didn't approve.

Hope finally managed to sneak off with her crush on recess when a fight broke out on the playground requiring the teacher Mr. Krupp had watching her to run out and help break it up. George was eating a snack bar when Hope grabbed his arm and dragged him off.

"Whoa! What the!?" George started as Hope turned corners and hallways and found the most secluded place she could back in the old school area that was just used for storage now. The only person who could possibly bump into them here was the old janitor and he was blind as a bat!

"Hey! If we get caught here I will never survive your dads wrath!" George protested.

"Listen to me okay!?" Hope complained. "Hey I have had a lot I wanted to say but not ever got a chance thanks to being grounded from my bike and dad making sure we aren't ever able to be together alone!"

"Okay.. I am listening..." George replied. "You want me and Herold to try and break up Mr. Krupp and Bri again, cause rumor is that is getting serious!"

"How bout we DON'T talk about Bri for once..." Hope said aggravated. "Ugh I hate her! Okay now please George I got things I want to say!"

"Okay okay... I understand..." George looked around nervously. "I just don't want to get in trouble!"

"So like, remember how I used you...?" Hope said nervously as she began to blush. "I actually didn't realize it at the time... but I really did like you?"

"You... you did?" George raised an eyebrow. "I thought it was... it was all to get at your dad?"

"Well you see, it was, and like I didn't even realize... but now I know... I feel back about all that and... well..." Hope sighed heavy, it was now or never. She leaned forward and landed a kiss right on George's cheek! George's eyes fluttered and he was so red!

"Hope... I um..." He smiled like a big silly type smile and chuckled. "Gee whiz... that was..."

"We need to go before we are caught!" Hope snapped and rushed away. George rubbed his cheek and his little crush came back at him in the full. Wait til he told Herold about THIS!

As clever as Hope thought she was, word got back to Mr. Krupp about the rendezvous between his daughter and that trouble maker George. Maybe he didn't know about the kiss, but the fact both of them sneaking off together happened was enough. Not to mention rumors were they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Rumors no doubt spread by that troublesome Herold! He would NOT have some trouble maker tarnish his little girl's name!

When Mr. Krupp drove around to pick up Hope from her final class she assumed the next conversation would be about who got to pick where they were eating this weekend. Seeing his face though, she knew it was something else, she had been so careful!

"We need to have a little talk..." Mr. Krupp said as carefully as possible. He was going to try it Miranda's way, less shouting, more sensible stuff a girl of nine would understand.

"What are you talking about daddy?" Hope asked innocently.

"I forbid you from seeing George, do you remember this?" Mr. Krupp asked. Hope shrugged.

"Well I am going to see him in class daddy, do you expect me to keep my eyes closed?" Hope asked.

"Hope, I am not an idiot, and I know that you met up with him in the old school building..." Mr. Krupp said. "This not only breaks your being grounded, it hurts e to the core. I thought when I told you something you would respect and obey me!"

"Well what do you expect me to do daddy!" Hope replied. "You spend all this time with Bri. Bri Bri Bri! All the time, well if you can have her I can have George!" This took Mr. Krupp by surprise and she had a point. Mr. Krupp grunted.

"We can talk about this later! For now it is Friday and we have a reunion to go to... at Uncle Rod's house." Mr. Krupp narrowed his eyes. "You will get ready, you will attend, and you will forget about that boy George!"

"Fine..." Hope slammed back in the seat of the car and sulked. She already had a plan in motion and her dad wouldn't act out in front of Bri, she knew that much. the reunion was going to be one kinda joyride!

Dakota and her mom Miranda pulled up as Hope was putting on a casual but pretty dress. Mr. Krupp was in the bathroom shaving and getting ready and Miranda let herself in when Mr. Krupp shouted for them to come in. Miranda wore a nice casual dress and Dakota was in skinny jeans, furry boots, and a tank top. Hope greeted them with hugs and smiled. Her plan would soon be revealed.

Not long after that Bri pulled in. They were all going to ride together because Mr. Krupp's car fit seven and Uncle Rod, who was Miranda and Benny's uncle, was about an hours drive away. Bri was dressed splendid as always Hope was just disgusted by it all, she was just trying to get in Mr. Krupp's pants! whatever that mean, she had heard Dakota say that before.

"Hi everybody!" Bri said sweetly. Hope had been ordered to be on "her best behavior" so she just waved and said "hi" and hid behind Dakota, her human shield from Bri.

"I hate you are so shy outside of school..." Bri said kneeling down only making Hope pull Dakota further in front of her. With Dakota obviously playing a hand held game Bri just gave up on trying to be nice and walked over and hugged Mr. Krupp and kissed him. Hope was so mad but bit her tongue and behaved. Soon her dad would be feeling what she felt.

When the doorbell rang everyone looked surprised. Well except Dakota who didn't notice. Even Hope seemed surprised, even though it was her plan after all!

"Who the blazes could that be?" Mr. Krupp asked.

"I'll get it!" Hope skipped by and rushed to the door. Of course when she opened it it was none other than George. Mr. Krupp nearly did a double take and suddenly shouted.

"What ids the meaning of this!" Mr. Krupp snapped. George looked confused as he held a small flower and was dressed very nicely.

"Oh.. hi Principle Krupp just here to go as a date for Hope to the reunion..." George said innocently.

"Absolutely not! this is madness!" Mr. Krupp shouted. Miranda grabbed his arm.

"How dare you shout at that nice boy!" Miranda said. Even Bri seemed to think it was cute.

"Oh how sweet of your George!" Bri said. "A flower too!"

"Are you people insane!?" Mr. Krupp was ready to kick George like a football across the front yard, but remember those words; "If you get Bri I get George. Mr. Krupp could already see Miranda, and Bri would be disappointment by bad behavior.
"George... you know the rules..." Mr. Krupp said as calmly as possible.

"Yea, be a gentleman! I was taught that by my dad!" George said cheerfully. Before Mr. Krupp could step forward Miranda shot him a glance.

"Act out age Benny!" Miranda said. "Not like a child... geez... grow up and be happy a nice little fella like this is here and not some hooligan!"

"Well you dont know him all that well sis..." Mr. Krupp said through biting his lip. "Okay George... glad to have you along." Mr. Krupp wasn't going to ruin his night on account of this troublemaker, he still had to introduce Bri to his extended family.

"Calm down Benny..." Bri whispered as everyone was making their way out to the car. "At least if they are busy being kids, we wont have to worry about pranks!"

"I'm more worried that putting them together doubles the pranks..." Mr. Krupp growled. everybody loaded up and George, Hope and Dakota shared the back seat, Miranda in one of the middle ones and Bri and Mr. Krupp up front. Mr. Krupp adjusted his mirror not for traffic but to keep an eye on that George!

As they rode down the road Mr. Krupp, Miranda, and Bri got into a conversation and Miranda began to tell little embarrassing stories of Benny as a kid. He got red faces but Bri loved the stories of the happy go lucky youth Mr. Krupp had been growing up. A glance at George though and Mr. Krupp's attitude changed.

"Hands where I can see them Bub!" Mr. Krupp shouted. It was too dark to see George's hands even though they were holding onto Dakota's game system as he watched her beat a level. HE jumped and Mr. Krupp glared at him. "Kota get in between them!"

"Uncle Ben... your not suppose to switch seats in a moving..."

"Do it!" Mr. Krupp growled. Dakota rolled her eyes and slithered underneath Hope and got in the middle.

"Are you going to ruin everyone's party night little Benny?" Miranda asked.

"He was... I didn't see where his hands were!" Mr. Krupp protested.

"He is back here watching somebody play a video game! I am not two feet away! He is a nine year old boy Benny! Now focus on the road because if you wreck you better believe we are ALL going to be mad at you!" Miranda shook her head. Feeling the tension fill the car Bri decided to try to loosen things up.

"Miranda, I think you were telling me a little tale about when Benny got his first car?" Bri said with a hopeful smile. Mr. Krupp rolled his eyes.

"Oh lordy... here we go!" HE exclaimed but was glad to have Dakota wedged between George and Hope.

"Oh yes! His first car!" Miranda laughed. "Now there is a story, you see, Benny was always a very frugal man with his money! So his first car was this fancy sports car and boy was he proud."

"It was a Datsun 280Z to be exact!" Mr. Krupp proclaimed proudly.

"Well Delila of course was so proud of him and wanted to see how fast he could go! So she asked him to show it off to her! But my big klutz of a little brother was too excited..." Miranda was already laughing and so was Dakota who remembered this story.

"Do we have to?" Mr. Krupp asked hopelessly.

"If Bri is going to be a part of this family some day... well she needs to hear the story!" Miranda said. "SO anyways, he grabs the keys, looking back at her and WHAM! runs head first into his open car door! Splat! Down he goes and we are ALL laughing, until we realize he isn't getting up!"

In the back Dakota, Hope, and George are all cracking up and red faced Mr. Krupp just shakes his head.

"Well the worst part is I had a concussion and had to go to the hospital, but that dingus older sister just walked away! The neighbor had to call cause she dragged Delila off with her!"

"Never heard that part mom!" Dakota announced. Now Miranda was blushing.

"Hey your dad... he is almost kinda nice with her..." George said softly.

"Don't even go there buddy..." Hope said.

The Krupp family was really big, many of the people at the reunion Mr. Krupp, Miranda, and their kids didn't even know; third cousins, and the like. People dispersed and Bri finally talked Mr. Krupp into introducing her to his elderly parents and not to worry about George and Hope. Dakota was keeping an eye on them. Although unconvinced she could do a lick of good, Mr. Krupp was really excited to introduce his new girlfriend.

Miranda Jones was pretty much a social butterfly and wit a glass of wine in one hand, and a gourmet cookie in the other, she was off to mingling. Hope and George, wanting to spend a little time being kids and exploring what it was like to be boyfriend and girlfriend just needed to ditch Dakota. The way in which they did it though was a bit extreme.

"Like how is she even staying with us with that thing in her hands?" Hope asked annoyed.

"Like she has a third eye in her chest or stomach or something!" George added. "Lets prank her..." With devious grins they skipped off like they were playing tag. Dakota continued after them, half lost in now her phone. Texting away she walked right into the garage and didn't even realize the door was shutting until George shut out the light and him and Hope rolled under the door.

"Hey you guys!" Dakota snapped. "This isn't ow!" She ran into a shelf in the pitch black garage. "Are you kidding me right now?" Using her cell phone light she started to search for the garage door opener. Hope and George were already headed back to the reunion leaving Dakota to find her own way back.

"Mom, Dad? This is Bri... I was telling you about?" Mr. Krupp spoke loudly, his dad was half deaf. They looked her over and Mr. Krupp's mother hugged Bri giving Mr. Krupp an approving nod.

"She sure is pretty sweetheart!" Mrs. Krupp said holding Bri's hand. "A real keeper! And she sure seems to make you happy! You aren't even a grump right now!"

"So you teach there at the school?" Mr. Krupp Sr. shouted. Being hard of hearing.

"That is right, science!" Bri said proudly. "I love teaching children!"

"I was a science major myself!" Mr. Krupp Sr. added with a smile. "Good girl Benny boy... you stick with her!" After some small talk Mr. Krupp realized he needed to use the restroom. He knew where it was int he big house and headed over, speeding up as he realized just how bad! He got to the backroom just in time!

After relieving himself he walked into the hall of the house he grew up in, he heard barking and a door opened up some and a hyper poodle jumped out. Mr. Krupp smiled and patted the dog on the head. The maid down on the floor downstairs heard the dog get out of its room.

"Oh Graham! Get over here boy! Here boy!" She called and began to snap her fingers and off the dog went... And off went Mr. Krupp's clothing...

"This is so fun!" Hope said smiling. "Like is this adult stuff?"

"I dont know!" George laughed back. they were holding hands and grabbing fun food off the buffet and stuffing their faces.

"Well it sure is nice to have a boyfriend!" Hope said. "I'm sorry i used you..." Hope looked bashful.  George gave her cheek a kiss and her face went red. this wasn't a sloppy kiss like Dakota had laid on her, this was very sweet and made her feel butterflies in her tummy.

"I guess boys can do that too then!" George teased. As they laughed they suddenly heard a very familiar sound as Captain Underpants landed feet first on the buffet table.

"Tra la laaaaa!" He announced himself raising a fist. "A hero is here!" The crowd murmured as the crazy man spotted Mr. Krupp Senior's stuffed bear from one of his big Alaskan hunts. "What is this!? A bear!? Dare you disrupt these good people's plans!?"

"Oh no..." Hope began to rub between her eyes and shake her head. "In front of the whole Krupp family too..."

"Water! All we need is water! Lets fill a bucket from that fountain!" George suggested. Already Captain Underpants was charging the bear. Running down the length of the buffet table he crashed into it in a leaping grab.

"Take that you foul beast! And this!" Captain Underpants body slammed it. Bri, up with Mr. Krupp's parents was wide eyed in shock. He had just gone to the bathroom and now here he was attacking a stuffed bear!

"Oh my... it really is him!" Bri said breathless as she remembered being saved by the underwear only version of Mr. Krupp. Beside her Miranda dropped her glass of wine and her mouth for that matter.

"Oh... my... god..." Miranda said drawing out each word. "That is... that is." Bri grabbed her arm.

"Come on! We gotta get him somewhere private before he really end sup embarrassed!" Bri shouted as they ran towards the crazy Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants say them and put out a hand.

"Careful dear ladies! Can you see I battle a bear!?" Captain Underpants shouted heroically. "Stand back so you do not get hurt! I am here! Tra la laaaa!"

"But... but there is a super villain! In the woods!" Miranda said not even believing she was saying it. Captain Underpants looked up and spotted a small teenager sized figure approaching. Dripping ooze and slime.

"I see! A slime monster perhaps!?" Captain underpants shouted. Miranda and Bri looked and saw the staggering figure to.

"Oh no..." Miranda shook her head. It was too late to stop him.

After escaping the garage her phone battery died and Dakota fell into a Koi pond... She was soaking wet and totally embarrassed and trying to find her way back to the parking lot. She would just wait by the car so none of her older cousins teased her. Suddenly she was caught in a clothesline hay maker by a naked man wearing just his underwear!

"Ooof!" Dakota gagged as she was thrown backward. She screamed thinking she was being attacked.

"Calm down girl!" Captain Underpants looked down and quickly got his much heavier weight off the girl. "I mistook you for a monster! Where is the vile villain who has so covered you with slime!?" Dakota just rolled over and coughed up Koi pond water.

"Help! Its my son!" A woman pack near the house wailed. Captain Underpants looked up and sure enough another citizen in distress! Trying to play with a bird, a little boy had squeezed through the bars on the railing on the big house balcony and was dangerously close to the edge.

Abandoning the slime girl Captain Underpants rushed at full speed towards the balcony.

"Have no fear! I will rescue the boy! Tra la laaa!" Captain Underpants shouted. The kid leaned forward to reach as the pigeon flew away and the boy toppled over the edge! Captain Underpants used the momentum of his run and jumped, grabbing the kid out of thin air. Then he rolled and skidded to a halt, the boy unharmed in his arms. As he sat him down the whole party cheered and clapped. Luckily only a few murmurs arose about his likeness to Benny Krupp.

"Hey Captain Underpants! Your needed another villain!" A girl shielding her eyes said as she stood before a boy holding a bucket.

"Another! the one who slimed the poor girl I crashed down?"

"The girl you wha...?" Hope replied trying to keep her eyes shielded. George nudged her.

"That's right! He is getting away! Quickly follow me!" George rushed away so they were clear of prying eyes.

"That's right good boy! show me this nefarious villain!" Captain underpants shouted just as George splashed him with water. Mr. Krupp came to before George thought to take off running.

"George!" Mr. Krupp shouted. "What is the meaning of this? Where am I?" Bri and Miranda rounded the corner so everybody but Dakota was there now.

"Um.. you blacked out and somebody though you were having a heat stroke so they took off your clothes!" George said. "Um... your sister told me to stay here til she got help... but you are all better now!"

"Its not even hot George! what kind of prank is this!? Did you put sleeping pills in my drink and..."  Mr. Krupp noticed he was in his underwear. "Oh my..." His face went red as Hope handed him his clothes, eyes still covered. Seeing how embarrassed he was everyone gave him privacy to get dressed, George laughing a bit of course. Mr. Krupp grumbled, mad that he had no idea what happened and everyone else seemed to, except no sign of Dakota.

"What happened to you?" Mr. Krupp asked when he finally found her by the car.

"A man... in underwear... jumped me, after I fell in a Koi pond cause your kid locked me in a garage!" Dakota said.

"Sounds... a bit much... you been drinking? Your not old enough!" Mr. Krupp said.

"No! Its the truth, what an idiot, who runs around like that!" Dakota looked him up and down. "And what happened to you Uncle Ben! You dont look so hot either!"

"Apparently I had a blackout and somebody slashed water on me to try and wake e up??" Mr. Krupp replied. He was almost as wet as Dakota. She laughed.

"Splashed? More like dumped... that's not a glass of water, that's more like a bucket..." Dakota laughed and teased.

"Did you kill any Koi fish when you stepped right on their heads?" Mr. Krupp shot back.

Finally the others returned after saying some goodbyes. They had explained to the family and guests that Dakota and Mr. Krupp had to leave early, not wanting them to have to walk around and hug everybody soaking wet.

What a night... Mr. Krupp thought as they headed back to the car.
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 8
A story trade/commission for :iconredspinel24:

Mr. Krupp has a family reunion and we can safely say things do NOT go as planned!
Hope had made up her mind that night as she lay in her room both afraid of her father's anger and furious with his choices over the last week. They had the perfect relationship, why did it have to change? Why did he need Bri when he had her!? She wasn't sure the total plan, but she was running away. First she wanted to see George, sure she had used him before in front of her dad, but for some reason she felt so much better just being around him. She was going to get him to ditch school tomorrow too!

Boy wouldn't that have her dad all angry and pissed off! She would show him! He should have stayed away from that Bri! Mr. Krupp always left about an hour earlier than when the bus arrived. So this was always the only chance Bri had to have some alone time. Of course when she got older she wouldn't even need a babysitter or anything.

As the bus pulled up and honked Hope ran around and hid in the bushes. She spotted Herold and George and Herold near a window goofing off and laughing. George was looking for her though, and finally spotted her as she waved out to him and beckoned him. Herold and George exchanged a few words and George climbed right out the bus window! Wow! He really wanted to see her I guess!

The clueless bus driver, frustrated for having to wait and not even noticing one of the kids hopped out the back, finally drove off with a confused Herold watching as George waved to his friend. George headed over still a bit cautious.

"What the heck Hope!" George asked. "I am already on your dad's watch list!" George said.

"I... I wanted to see you George, and I think I am running away for awhile," Hope said bashfully. She realized her blushing was not faked.

"Run away!? that is a little crazy Hope!" George said. "Do you wanna talk about it? Like you always stuck up for your dad when we pranked him, and now you got me and Herold helping you embarrass him left and right!"

"Its that dastardly Bri George!" Hope said. "I have tried everything but she likes my dad! He likes her too! I dont get it, doesn't he see what it is doing to me? And our relationship! He promised nobody would replace me!"

"Hope... I dont think anybody has replaced you..." George reached for Hope's hand and she let him take it. It felt good. Maybe she was using him during things earlier, but she was certainly feeling something right now...

"You see the way he was at assembly! He is never like that! And he was like that cause of Bri!" Hope replied with tears in her eyes. George squeezed her hand. "Like I should have known better than to make him think I liked you!" hope said it so fast she couldn't take it back. Whoops! For some reason though she felt like she needed to say it.

"Used me?" George looked very hurt now! "Well... I just thought maybe... maybe you really did like me... hehe..." George laughed nervously and blushed. "funny me eh? Well hey I probably need to get going so I only miss Bri's class... um... see you later Hope... and hope you get to feeling better!" George was being so awkward now. Hope felt  terrible.

"George wait! I originally planned to use you but I felt bad about it!" George was already running off and out of ear shot when she shouted. "I think I really do like you though!" Hope grunted. "Dang it!" Now what was she going to do? She planned to run away and hang out with George, now he was off headed back to school!

"I'll go to aunt Miranda!" Hope said hopefully. She knew how to get there but it was all the way on the other side of town! She better grab her bike! She hurried home a little depressed now hoping maybe she could ask Dakota how to fix things with George!

When Bri reported that both George and Hope were absent from homeroom he was furious! when he heard George showed up at the end of the class and Hope was still not there, he was worried. With a mixture of anger and frustration he summoned Herold and George. He was sure one of the two, probably George!

Herold and George took seats across from Mr. Krupp and Herold shrugged, kinda mad he was called in. George looked down for some reason though so Herold didn't badger him about getting him in trouble. Mr. Krupp paced back and forth and looked about as angry as he had at the assembly.

"Well well well, isn't it funny who shows up late the very day after my speech on getting our acts together!" Mr. Krupp said. "You got something to say for yourselves bubs?"

"I wasn't late mister Krupp!" Herold protested. "I was sitting in class and then they called me in here! Honest!"

"He is right Mr. K, I overslept! that shouldn't be HIS fault!" George tried to stick up for his friend but Mr. Krupp slammed his fists on the desk.

"Enough! Do I look like an idiot to you two!?" Mr. Krupp snapped. "I know you two are the reason my Hope is acting out, and I am NOT okay with the likes of YOU, George, laying a hand anywhere near my daughter, if I find out you so much as look at her the wrong way I will make your life here miserable!"

"I overslept mister K!" George repeated. "You got to believe me, and the Hope and me thing, it was just... just a prank..." George sighed. Herold could see in his eyes George must have not liked whatever happened with Hope.

"Just a prank you say..." Mr. Krupp took a deep breath and shouted in George's face. "JUST A PRANK!!!??? If it happens again expulsion could be on the table..." Mr. Krupp straightened his shirt. "Dismissed..."

"He cant expel us! this is elementary school!" Herold said throwing up his hands. George just moped beside him as they headed to their next class.

"Well who knows... with him..." George seemed down.

"What happened with Hope?" Herold asked.

"Well I like her... but I think she was just playing games with me..." George replied.

"I wouldn't give up Hope man! I saw the look in her eye!" Herold patted him on the back. "Now lets plan some revenge for mean ole Krupp!"

Hope's bike ride gave her time to think, and to get more and more angry with herself. Why had she used George? What had she become, sure Bri was a monster and deserved it, but why did she do that to Herold? She began to cry even before she got close to the Jones' house. She just wanted to lay down and cry, but she wanted to do it away from her daddy. He was making her so angry.

Surely Dakota could help her fix things with George, she wanted to be his friend... no she wanted to be more than that... She would just have to find a way to show him she was sorry for what she did before she realized how she really felt! When she got to her aunt's house she knocked and Miranda opened the door.

"I ran away..." Hope said sniffling. Miranda ushered her niece in and gave her a hug.

"Oh my goodness Hope! Why ever would you do a thing like that!?" Miranda asked worried. Hope started to cry and Miranda hugged her tighter.

"Well, daddy doesn't love me anymore and replaced me with some Bri, and a boy really liked me and now he knows I was using him, even though I liked him too, and I am hating school and used to love it and everything is messed up and I hate it!"

"Oh hunny, your daddy doesn't hate you," Miranda said softly rubbing the sobbing girl's hair. "What ever would make you feel that way? Come on in and I'll make you some ice cream. You can tell me all about it okay?"

Dakota shuffled into the kitchen in nothing but a spaghetti strap tank top and underwear. Seeing Hope she just waved.

"What's up cuz..." She said and grabbed some junk food. Hope envied her home schooled cousin sometimes. Miranda was much different than her dad, and a bit more outgoing, very friendly too.

"Ice cream sounds good..." Hope said as she sniffled.

When Mr. Krupp got the phone call that Hope was at his sister's house he was relieved, but it didn't change his level of anger and disappointment in her behavior. Right now she was probably telling his sister how terrible Bri was and how bad of a father he had been. He only hoped his crazy sister would see through the nine year old maturity level and hopefully he would have a chance to clear things up.

He was going to have to keep a better eye on George and Herold too, he knew they were sly bubs, and would want to prank him outside of school so he couldn't punish them. He was going to have to be on guard. He was a little annoyed his sister was going to make him go pick Hope up from her house, she said she "needed to talk to him about Bri and Hope" and that had him a little ticked off. She had a bad habit of being the older sister she was and giving him advice.

Once school ended Mr. Krupp got in his car and of course checked for pranks, those boys would be doing their best to get him off school grounds where they couldn't be punished. He'd show them though! Once he was sure all was in order he drove across town and pulled up into his sister's driveway.

It was a nice little house, she had done pretty good for herself as a dance instructor at a local studio and was now the owner operator of it after her old boss had retired and sold it to her. Miranda Jones was a friendly woman, and a little too outgoing for Mr. Krupp's liking, she was always starting conversations when it wasn't even necessary.

Mr. Krupp knocked on the door and Dakota answered.

"Mom... Uncle Ben is here..." She called and without a word headed back inside. Mr. Krupp came in and Miranda put her hands on her hips and smirked.

"Well I am happy to hear my baby brother is back on the market," Miranda said with a chuckle. "Not too happy though about the way he is handling being a dad!"

"Good to see you too Miranda... where is my Hope?" Mr. Krupp asked.

"You dont have any "hope" if you dont start being a dad AND getting your act together with your new lady friend... why dont we have a talk outside while Dakota takes Hope to the park.

"It was a school day Miranda, my daughter does not get to go to the park when she misses school, she is suppose to be grounded!" Mr. Krupp raised his voice some.

"Mom! I dont wanna take her to the park!" Dakota protested. "I was playing video games!

"Dakota! Now!" Miranda was a little stern. "And Ben... now! On the porch..." Mr. Krupp rolled his eyes. Looked like him and Dakota would be obeying "Mother Miranda" now.

Once out on the back porch Miranda brought her baby brother a sweet tea. Mr. Krupp hated these lectures but really had no choice. His sister had been the boss growing up and had also given him some really great advice on more than one occasion.

"Well first off I want to say I think it is great you found this "Bri" girl Hope is telling me about. Its about time Benny Boy, you waited far to long after Delila passed." Miranda said leaning back. "You know, if you would have had a son it would have been one thing, but it is hard for a hard working middle aged man to raise a little girl, she has needs, and things you will never understand."

"So you are taking the side of a nine year old girl over me?" Mr. Krupp replied rolling his eyes.

"I just told you I liked you dating Bri, I am not taking her side, I am just saying that for too long you have not been the Benny I grew up with!" Miranda scolded. "What happened to that happy boy? The most beautiful girl in school fell in love with him... not... not this!"

"You know Delila's death was hard for me sis..." Mr. Krupp tried to defend himself but Miranda was already shaking her head.

"I do know it, we all loved her Benny, she was a great woman, but that was nine years ago. What would Delila want? For you to end up some cranky old grumps who tales out his loneliness on his students?"

"Now that isn't all true..." Mr. Krupp again tried but Miranda was on a roll.

"Here is this young, wonderful woman who is interested in you and you have a chance to have a woman around, you need that, not only for you but also for Hope! She is angry and she doesn't realize it, but you cant just yell at her either. You need to show her she is still your baby girl!" Miranda stood up. "Come on inside Grumps and I'll get dinner started."

"So then he was like "I think I am late for school" and ran off..." Hoe shook her head. "I only said I was using him to be honest..." Dakota was chewing on some beef jerky. For being such a catch, Hope thought she was very unladylike. She couldn't keep boyfriends cause she was a lazy slob...

"Nope you see, sometimes you cant really be honest with boys Hope... girls sometimes gotta fib..." Dakota said through her chewing. "But now that the cat is out of the bag you gotta win him back!"

"How do I do that!" Hope groaned. "I'm nine years old and like I dont know anything about boys! Only that I think he is cute and he makes me happy when I am around him!" Dakota laughed, rolled over on her belly and planted a kiss on Hope's cheek. Hope rubbed like crazy at the purple lipstick stain.

"Ew! Kota! I am too old for kissies and raspberries!" Hope complained.

"Nope... that is what you do... I was showing you." Dakota laughed. "Here..." She handed Hope a little makeup wipe she had in her purse. She was laughing pretty hard.

"If you didn't wear that god awful purple I bet some boy, somewhere in the universe might wanna kiss you too Kota!" Hope snapped. "You saying I kiss George?"

"Yes, you kiss him!" Dakota replied. "Well its gotta be a surprise and only on the cheek, I dont want your dad to kill me..." Dakota smiled. "But when all else fails, a kiss is the way to a boy's heart! Or a lot of kisses... but that is a story I would need to share about 5 years from now!"

"Unless dad kills you, then like I guess your ghost will tell me..." Hope giggled. Sometimes Dakota was okay. Sure she was an idiot, and wore some weird clothes and make up, and drove a strange car, and was the laziest person Hope knew, but she was gonna help her win back George!

Mr. Krupp heard Dakota and Hope returning before he saw the car. The music was way too loud.

"I dont like Dakota blaring that awful teen music!" Mr. Krupp complained. "Fine for you to let her, but I dont want her damaging my daughter's ears!"

"Relax! They drove like three miles to the park... you need to get that stick out of your butt!" Miranda replied. The two girls came inside and Miranda continued to get supplies ready for dinner. "Is Bri going to be able to make it?" Miranda asked. Mr. Krupp nodded.

"Bri is coming? Here!? Is there any aspect of my life she isn't consuming!?" Hope threw up her hands.

"Now Hope! You know I dont tolerate complainers in my house!" Miranda was stern but did not raise her voice. "You will be respectful, do you understand?"

"Fine..." hope sulked. Moments later Bri's car pulled into the driveway and the lovely Science teacher emerged. She was wearing a cute little spring dress in a light green. Miranda whistled and went to answer the door smirking at Mr. Krupp. Miranda opened the door and introduced herself giving Bri a big hug and leading her back into the sitting room. Hope glared and moved behind Dakota some as if to use her as a shield against Bri.

"My my Benny, you dont me she was fine, but you didn't tell me she was hot!" Miranda laughed. "Tell me, you guys got fresh yet? Surely you have done things?" Bri smiled bashfully and blushed, Mr. Krupp on the other hand turned beet red and looked away.

"Oh my goodness you guys have!" Miranda teased playfully at the expense of Mr. Krupp's complexion. "Benny! You sly dog you! Maybe I underestimated you little brother!" Bri laughed a little nervous and Mr. Krupp was obviously feeling a little awkward. Hope tugged on Dakota's arm.

"What is your mom talking about and why are they feeling so embarrassed?" Hope asked puzzled.

"Oh Hope that is adult stuff..." Dakota was even smirking at the sight, considering it happened the night she slept over and she had no idea.

"Adult stuff...?" Hope pressed.

"Yea... dont... dont worry about that stuff okay, just adult stuff is lame anyways..." Dakota tried to get her mind off of it to keep Hope from becoming more angry. Hope just shrugged and rolled her eyes not liking to be left out of any conversation, especially one she didn't understand.

Dinner was delicious all around and even Hope was able to contain her desire to snap at Bri, mostly cause her aunt warned her not to disrupt in her house. Bri tried on more than one occasion to make conversation with Hope but Hope was having none of it, and Bri decided to leave it well alone.

After dinner Bri had to get home, it was a school night after all and she had a lot of papers to grade. Hope bit her tongue as Mr. Krupp hugged her good bye and even gave her a peck on the lips. How dare he! Once Bri left Hope got out of her chair and began to head for the door. Mr. Krupp crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Where on earth do you think you are going... you and I need to talk!" Mr. Krupp was angry, he was still ad about the fact she had not only ditched school but snuck out of the house and rode her bike across town! All after being told she was grounded!

"I'm going to the car... I need to see if I have homework!" Hope snapped.

"Oh, you think because we came here you are off the hook, is that it!?" Mr. Krupp raised his voice. "You are still grounded and you will go to the car when I say!"

"Benny Krupp! Watch your tone!" Miranda raising her voice surprised them all. "did you not listen to anything I just lectured you on!"

"I dont think its really..." Mr. Krupp tried to say but she interrupted.

"You are 42 years old! Acting like a 14 year old calling down his dog! You need to learn how to parent if this is the best you can do!" Miranda said.

"Yea daddy! I think your sister is..." Hope started but Miranda cut her off too!

"Oh no missy! You have to respect your father! Sure, he acts like a child some times and is just a big ole grump! But he is your father! You have to learn to obey him even if you dont like it!" Everyone was quiet.

"Your right..." Mr. Krupp said. "Hope... lets go to the car, we will discuss your grounding on the drive home..." Mr. Krupp and Hope silently walked out the door. Dakota looked at her mom then back at the tv.

"Geez mom, lighten up a little?"
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 7
Part seven of a trade/commission for :iconredspinel24:

Looks like a whole lot going on! Romance, humor and drama!
The sun shining through the window is what finally woke Mr. Krupp up. With a big yawn he looked down at the peacefully sleeping Bri. The SLEEPING BRI! Oh Crap! She slept over! Mr. Krupp fell off the couch and with a thud, hit the floor. Bri rubbed her eyes sleepily and then gasp as she too realized what had happened.

"Oh crap!" Bri gasped. "What time is it?!" Mr. Krupp looked at the clock on the wall.

"7:35!? School in thirty minutes!" Mr. Krupp whispered. Quickly he rushed into the bathroom, slashed water on his face and gasped. "Hope!" what if she woke up and saw Bri there. He rushed back into the living room where Bri was getting a little less naked.

"You gotta get out of here... if Hope sees... she will be mad as a hornet!" Mr. Krupp said handing Bri some of her clothing as she quickly dressed herself. "I cant believe we fell asleep!"

"I know!" Bri chuckled a little. "It was worth it!" Mr. Krupp playfully pushed her to the door and quickly drove her home. Watching his watch, he knew he would be late. What he didn't know is that Hope had gotten up to get a glass of water an hour earlier than the sun woke him up. She had seen them there, and she was mad.

As she boarded the school bus all she could think of was the sight of her daddy's betrayal. It was too much. As she broke down and began to cry, the laughing boys up front got quiet and Herold and George told them to shush. George came back and sat next to her.

"Hey... you okay?" George asked. Hope looked up at him.

"No! My dad is seeing that Bri every day! She even stayed the night! I saw her on our couch George!" Hope threw up her hands. "Our sabotages have failed!"

"Hey it will be okay!" George replied. "Why dont Herold and I help you try to crash their next date?"

"Don't you see this isn't working!" Hope complained. "You guys did your best, still that little hussy is stealing my dad!"

"I think when grown ups are in love like nothing else matters!" Herold chimed in. "Its hard to separate two people who really care about each other!"

"Hmmm... two people that care about each other..." Hope was getting devious again. She knew George liked her and was crushing, maybe she could use that to her advantage against her dad. Oh the fit Mr. Krupp would throw when he say his baby girl with one of those trouble makers.

"Oh..." Hope smiled sweetly. "Well George I am sure we can think of something..." She gave him a little hug. Herold cocked an eyebrow a little suspicious but George was all red in the face and blushing in a second.

Hope wasn't surprised the Principle was nowhere to be found at school yet, he had to take that hussy home after all! She hoped other teachers would get mad at him being late but doubted it. they all respected and loved her dad. Even as mean as he could be to the kids sometimes.

She made her way to home room and of course, Bri. She wanted to see how well she had managed to get there and not to her surprise, Bri hadn't arrived yet. The students sat around chatting, laughing, and playing as they waited. Bri finally came to class, a little nervous look on her face as she tried to fix her hair.

It was obvious she hadn't had time to really primp up today. Hope cackled to herself and tried to contain the excitement. As much as she hated that she had been there over night, this was the ammo she needed to run that meanie off! This time she would win for good! She would embarrass her so bad that she would want to transfer to a school, hopefully far far away.

"So sorry class! At least you got some more goof off time though yes?" Bri laughed sweetly, she was covering pretty good... not for long though! She had no idea that Bri knew she stayed over, once she dropped the bomb word would be out!

"So if you will turn in your pages to chapter three, we will get started!" Bri said with a cheery smile. She had had a lot of fun with Mr. Krupp and was still kinda on cloud 9, late or not. Then is when Hope struck with her words.

"Why were you late teacher?" Hope asked innocently. Bri smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Oh you know, just lost track of time in the shower singing I guess!" She replied.

"Oh? Cause I didn't hear the water running..." Hope smirked. "I guess it could be after my dad dropped you off back home from falling asleep naked on my couch..." Bri turned almost white and her eyes widened.

"Hope... I dont think that is an appropriate conversation for work..." Bri whispered, her knees buckling. The students began to murmur and whisper.

"Oh? Is it not? Well maybe you shouldn't be staying over at the principles house!" Hope kicked back her stool and rushed out of the classroom. Bri stared into the staring eyes of her students. When did Hope see? they were so quiet and discreet!

"I... I think I need a moment..." Bri said and nervously left the class. Herold and George stared at each other.

"Holy cow!" Herold gasped. "That is some crazy drama!"

"I hope Hope is okay..." George said. "She seemed pretty upset!"

"Mr. Krupp getting lucky! Even after all those pranks! He must have some secret aside from being Captain Underpants!" Herold laughed.

News of the Mr. Krupp and Bri stay over traveled fast from students and teachers alike. The fact that they BOTH showed up so late was also pretty damning of the whole thing. Mr. Krupp smashed his fist down. Hope must have seen them! He hated to think of his baby girl as the cause, surely she just slipped up and told Herold and George. Yes, those troublemakers were the ones to blame!

When he found Bri in the school courtyard she was crying hard in a bench. He knew there was very little he could say to cheer her up and knew they were both the talk of the whole school. Although he had got a few "Congrats" and "way to go on the getting lucky" comments from the teachers who liked him, he knew it should have been something him and Bri shared together when they were ready.

""I'm calling an assembly..." Mr. Krupp said with a curt nod. "I'll show those whipper snappers..."

"I cant believe... cant believe she called me out... she must have saw... she even said I was naked..." Bri sobbed. "In front of the whole class." Hearing that Hope had  said the things she had said cut Mr. Krupp to the very core. What had gotten into  his little girl? In a matter of days she had become a brat! Not only that, she had almost ruined his relationship with Bri. He started to wonder if she might have had something to do with all the pranks at Mario's and the following dinner at his own house. How else were the traps set?

Anger grew in the Principle and he finally grunted and stood up heading for his office. Mr. Krupp sat down and picked up his intercom mic. He was going to lock down now! Kids walking the halls and laughing about his personal life and that of Bri wasn't going to fly. Clearing his throat he tried to stay civil, not wanting to let on the scolding those kids were in for.

"Okay students, after lunch, recess and math are cancelled for the day, we will be holding a general assembly for some discussion," Mr. Krupp said. "I repeat, meet in the assembly hall after lunch for some announcements. That is all." Mr. Krupp turned off the intercom and narrowed his eyes. Those kids were in for it.

"Whoa, your dad sounds like he is trying to be nice?" Herold asked scratching his head. "I would think he would be mad with all these rumors flying..."

"They are not rumors Herold! They are truth!" Hope snapped back. "That little hussy was at my house!"

"DO you even know what "hussy" means Hope?" Herold teased.

"Do you!?" Hope shot back. Good point, they didn't know what they were saying. Hope only knew that Bri was stealing her attention from her dad! And was apparently sleeping naked on their couch! Why even do that? It wasn't even a hot night! George walked next to Hope and she noticed he kept accidentally bumping into her. She giggled and pushed him.

"Stop it George!" She teased looking around and hoping her dad would see. Dang it... nowhere in sight!

She tried eating lunch with the boys too, where was her mean ole grumpy dad today? Usually he was walking the halls. Did he not hear about what she said about Bri? She hoped he did. Surely if there was so much drama he would have to see it the best choice to just break it off with her! Hope was pretty sure she pushed far enough this time. There was no way Bri would want to show her face again at the school!

the students started to file into the assembly and Hope was a little bummed she couldn't sit beside George, but George and Herold wanted to be in the back cause they were scared to sit too close to Mr. Krupp. Hope told them she would kill them if they activated Captain Underpants at the assembly. She was kinda curious as to what he might say!

With the teachers sitting in chairs behind the podium, Mr. Krupp came up and looked out at the kids. Gone was that calm and cool demeanor. He looked mad and all the kids seemed to see it as they leaned back and started to whisper.

"That will be enough of that..." Mr. Krupp said as the whispering started. "Stop that! Now!" The whispering stopped as suddenly as it had began.

"I have heard reports of a rumor, among other rumors recently of me and a certain teacher. I have also heard of rumors that a certain school flooding was no accident... people could have gotten hurt... even died!" Mr. Krupp glared at Herold and George who he had spotted in the far back. "A school is a place for learning, not tearing people down with words..." Mr. Krupp slammed his fists down on the podium and every kid including the shocked Hope jumped in their seats.

"If you kids cannot stop this gossip and rumoring, then I am just going to have to enact some more strict rules, the ones we have in place are just not working!" MR. Krupp said sternly and walked back and forth, laying eyes on the more troublesome students. "Punishments such as detention and suspension will now be doubled in length!"

Kids gasped and groaned.

"Kids caught slandering or discussing relationship matters of the staff or treating any teacher with disrespect will be immediately punished!" Mr. Krupp shouted. Some of the teachers cheered and clapped. The students groaned. "Those who do not get detention or suspension will at the very least have to eat lunch alone, and miss recess!"

Kids booed and started to protest.

"Go ahead and complain! You are asking for a suspension as we speak! Silence!" Mr. Krupp smiled as the kids stared up in fear. "I would recommend you all start to act your age! This isn't preschool or kindergarten! This is elementary and you all need to grow up! One of the sweetest teachers you student shave was hurt and embarrassed today, and I will not tolerate it!"

Bri blushed as she sat with the other teachers. He was sticking up for her, nobody had done it like this before. She couldn't help but be happy inside even after the terrible events of the day. Mr. Krupp looked at the wide eyed students.

"I hope we have all learned our lesson today and realize the gravity of misbehavior at Jerome Horrowitz Elementary School. I am sick of this!" MR. Krupp just walked out of the door to the left of the stage. The students and teachers alike were shocked!

Bri found George and pulled him aside after Herold was picked up from school. George blushed some and smiled.

"Hey! Whats up Hope, gee your dad was really mad!" George said. Hope giggled.

"Probably not as mad as he will be if he learns a little secret crush I have..." Hope acted bashful and George raised an eyebrow.

"A... a crush... on a boy?" George asked a little concerned on who it could be he would have to compete with! Hope took one of George's hand. For some reason it felt right, even though she really was wanting him and her to be seen by her dad.

"Well silly... he is standing right in front of me..." Hope acted bashful a little and giggled. "Your cute..."

"Huh? Me...?" George blushed hard and acted shy as she held his hand. Just that very moment MR. Krupp turned the corner. He stopped dead in his track.

"Hope... George?!" Mr. Krupp shouted and pointed. "Get out of here George!" George gulped and took off running. Mr. Krupp put his hands on his hips.

"What is the MEANING of this!?" Mr. Krupp demanded. His face was turning red. Hope had never seen anything like it before, ever..."

"Well daddy, I am a girl and lately you have been neglecting me... George is sweet to me and treats me special unlike you!" Hope stammered, she wanted to shout but it didn't come out as a shout, she was still concerned over her dad's red face!

"Get in the car Hope..." Mr. Krupp said sternly.

"Daddy... you brought this on yourself!!!" Hope snapped.

"IN THE CAR!" Mr. Krupp shouted and pointed. George had taken off so fast she saw no sight of him. She was thinking she should have done the same. The words came out just because she was scared.

"Fine..." She said and walked over and got in slamming the door. Mr. Krupp got in, cranked it up and started to drive. He didn't speak a word on the drive home. Hope was scared. She would never show it and acted defiant, but this was so unlike her father! Was he mad about George? Or was it about what she said to Bri? She wanted him to say something, anything to break the silence, but he didn't say a word! His face stayed red and  he was driving kinda fast.

The pulled into the drive way and got out of the car.
"Inside..." Mr. Krupp said sternly. HE looked like he was about to blow his top! Hope obeyed reluctantly trying to keep up her defiant look. It was getting harder. "Go to your room... now! You are grounded..."

"Don't you even want to talk!? I think you are over react..." Mr. Krupp interrupted her.

"We will talk when I say we will talk, go to your room, you are grounded..." Mr. Krupp's words hurt. She had never been grounded! Grounded from what exactly she wondered. She turned and stormed off to her room. Once inside she started to cry, only not loud enough for her dad to hear. This was Bri's fault! She was tearing them apart!
Mr. Krupp as the Heroic Captain Underpants Pt. 6
Commission/Story Trade for :iconredspinel24:

A lot of drama hits the lives of MR. Krupp, Hope, Bri, and even George as conflicts begin to arise!


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Just an writer looking to turn my writing to art.

ID Art courtesy of :iconangeltsuki-chan:

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Narcissa was panting and bleeding from her mouth. Lilith was sure at this rate her elder sister would kill herself. Looking desperately at her dead mother, laying peacefully on the her bed Lilith suddenly realized just how close she was to assuming the crown. She was heartbroken about her mother, yes, but the thought of ruling the whole planet was building up a swelling since of duty in the pit of her gut.

"You are right... you can be healed later sister... we must know if the mouse servants knew anything of this attack!" Lilith said. "I will stay by our mother's side, you should track them down!"

"Summon the home defense corps, if another of these portals opens, we have to be ready!" Narcissa nodded and wiped the blood from her mouth. Seeing the little door her mother installed for the mouse servants she hired she turned back to her sister. "Where do those lead?"

"All over the castle!" Lilith replied. "Mother was a fool to give simple mouse scum so much access, I know that there is a central control to lock all their doors though, in the control room, third floor... hurry!"

Narcissa headed off and made her way past some panicked and paranoid Battlecats. She ordered them to secure the castle and prepare for other possible attacks. She ordered they round up Jezebel and get her to the Queen's chamber with her sister and triple their guards. Seeing the little mouse doors infuriated her, since when did her mother cozy up to the nasty little rodents?

In the control room two tech kitties gasped as they got a look at the mangled Princess. One threw down her head set and tears welled in her eyes.

"Princess Narcissa!" She gasped. Her white ears perked up.

"Shut off the mouse doors! All but the one leading to my chambers... Do it now!" Narcissa hissed. A few button mashes later the still wide eyed kitty nodded.

"Done... shall I call the physician?!" She gasped in horror.

"Do it, I will return when I have dealt with these "servants" to our dear and late Queen!" Narcissa narrowed her one eye.

"The Queen? Is dead?" the two technicians looked even more bewildered. Narcissa nodded.

"Bring the turbo lasers online, if a hover bike, transport, or even a star fighter tries to take off blast it from the skies!"

"Yes Princess! Turbo Lasers are coming online now!" The white kitty nodded.

"Roger, no fly message sent to all bays and hangars!" The grey kitty added. Narcissa gasped as she staggered down the hallway to her room. she began to charge up her baton and kicked open the door. the mouse servants looked perplexed as to where they had came out.

Linly was a little blonde mouse girl and had served the Queen of Cats for a year. Just an adult herself, she had never liked Cats, they were the reason her brother was dead. The Queen however was different and had gone out of her way in an attempt to make peace with the mice, and even find alternatives so that less and less mice were being devoured as a food source each year.
"You!" Narcissa narrowed her eyes. The mouse girls all stared in horror at the sight. They had all seen Narcissa in paintings, all of the Queen's kittens were lovely, but Narcissa had a dark beauty about her that set her above the other two. Now though, she was mangled almost beyond recognition. What had happened Linly could not imagine as they were all aware of her military training and prowess on the battlefield.

"Princess!" Linly nudged the little mouse girl beside her and they all dropped to their knees bowing to their Princess.

"That is Queen... the old Queen is dead and I have reason to believe you may have some information for e on this mysterious assassin!" Narcissa was panting and Linly was already looking for a weapon. A mad cat, especially an injured one, generally didn't leave a nearby mouse alive for long.

"The Queen!?" Linly was shocked. she had taken no part in the assassination, though she wondered if her fellow servants had played some role. Both Heather and Kayla had whispered of a coming time when mice would have a chance for revenge. She glanced at them and could see less shock in their eyes.

Narcissa saw this too and in a single swift motion impaled Kayla through the belly with the baton, extending the staff. Kayla let out a squeaking cry and wiggled as Narcissa sliced her open and let her drop to the floor. The little mouse girl's foot twitched and she lay there bleeding out.

"How could you!? You didn't even question her!" Linly gasped in horror as Kayla lay twitching, slowly draining of life.

"I saw the shock in your eyes mouse scum... but I did not see it in hers... or hers!" Narcissa pointed the baton at Heather the Mouse girl. "You... I have words for you.

"We are innocent! I am, I know others here were also very close to your mother!" Linly gasped horrified as Narcissa stared her down.

"Keep your mouth shut mouse! You are speaking in a dangerous tone to your Queen!" Narcissa snapped. "All of you will be taken into custody... and you..." Narcissa glared at Heather who peed herself through her little fancy palace skirt. "You will stay here..."

Narcissa called in two Battlecat guards and ordered them to lock up Linly and her seven friends, leaving Heather alone with Narcissa. heather backed against a wall, she was tall for a mouse but only came up just above Narcissa's knees. Her knees buckled and she began to tear up.

"Okay little mouse... speak... or shall I eat one of those long legs?" Narcissa hissed with her one remaining ear and mangled half of her other laying down.

"You have to promise..." Narcissa extend her claws and pressed one to Heather's neck, poking it enough to draw blood.

"I have to do nothing! You start talking... you life and the speed at which you fade away will depend on it..." Narcissa slowly sliced a small gash in Heather's neck and she cried.

"It was a message sent by... by a small mouse group called Rodent Hands... I only gave them the coordinates to summon the portal... I didn't want to! the Mouse King forced me to work with..." Narcissa interrupted the trembling mouse suddenly.

"The Mouse King!?" Narcissa gasped and narrowed her eye. Heather was praying the badly bleeding kitty might just collapse and die of her wounds.

"I told you, they got to me because I worked so closely to your mother..." Heather started and felt the claws rake across her chest ripping away her dress.

"Linly and those other mice didn't go along with it fool! She took you in like you were not the scum you are, she looked past the fact you were nothing but a sickening pathetic mouse!" Narcissa sliced open Heather's neck and the mouse gasped and choked on her own blood as she collapsed jerking and twitching. "Fool! You piece of trash! All of you!" Narcissa screamed at the walls and ceiling. "I hate you! I hate you all! You killed my mother!"

King Horace Mouse had ruled the mouse population for twenty years. His hair was just beginning to grey, but he still carried a very handsome look. Under the rule of the Felines, Horace had managed to keep the mouse kingdom afloat, and once Queen Klea came to power, he was instrumental in making the mouse kingdom prosper. Queen Klea Feliway had seen differently than her predecessors. She had attempted to work with the mouse King, and even give him more power over his people.

Of course all her good had finally given him a chance to get even with the feline. Queen Klea was too trusting, and now, she and her daughters surely lay in pools of blood. He did not take pleasure in dealing so badly with Klea, but could see Narcissa and Lilith and what they represented; subjugation. Now though, they were dead, and Jezebel would become queen, a naive and inexperienced child. She would rule like her mother and eventually the mouse kingdom would become even more powerful.

King Horace smiled as he sipped from a wine glass brought to him by a lovely little mouse mistress he had acquired. AS he drank he thought of how he would have loved to be present at the executions of Narcissa and Lilith. Then he choked. Gagging and spitting up the wine. Poison! King Horace staggered and grabbed a glass of water and downed it, then another. He felt his legs weaken as he slid down to a sitting position realizing he was partially paralyzed.

"Wuummpp issth mmenning uff th..." His speech slurred as he stared behind him and spotted the one eyed horror that was before him. Even in her damaged state he knew exactly who had come before him this night. "N...narssithhha!?"

"Oh yes "King" Horace..." Narcissa pushed back a lock of hair so that he could look into her empty eye socket. "Do notbother calling your guards... I mean listen to you anyway... they are scattered across the courtyard impaled with their own pathetic mouse spears."

"Y...youth are evil... you wifff be punethhhed!" King Horace gagged as he drooled uncontrollably down is fancy silk night shirt.

"Oh? I will? By your allies? Who you paid with the whole Mouse Kingdom Coffer just for a single strike?" Narcissa laughed. "You many mistresses were willing to talk, especially before I sliced open their bellies and fed their insides to my Battlecats..."

King Horace was wide eyed. they had saved long and hard to hire the assassin fro the neighboring planet. She was reluctant to strike until King Horace had raised taxes and doubled her pay. Now she was obviously dead, as he too soon would be.

"After all my mother did... this?" Narcissa coughed blood and slung it in his face. "She tried to help you mouse fools... she took you in as friends... and you stabbed her in the back."

Narcissa slowly stood and powered up her baton pointing the laser at his legs. A single blast shattered one and separated the other, blood spurted from the stump just below King Horace's knee as he flopped, jerked and gagged.

"Well I am Queen now!" Narcissa smiled and turned dot walk away. "Oh and King Horace? You are the last Mouse King... from this day forward, there is only one ruler on this planet... me..." The King lay there realizing the horror that would soon befall every mouse on the planet... all because his assassin failed. His plan had not only backfired, it had cost the mouse kingdom its freedom.

Narcissa finally collapsed on the way back to the palace. Her swooper crashing as she lost consciousness. The Battlecats in her service quickly brought the mortally wounded new Queen back to her palace and sent her to the Physicians. She was not expected to live through the night. Jezebel, flanked by her big pet Brutus paced outside the door. Lilith sat with some of the officials discussing the funerals for both Queen Klea and Princess Narcissa.

"Jezebel doesn't think she should talk like this..." Jezebel said. "What does Brutus think?" Brutus grunted and shook his head in agreement. The big hound like creature was very docile, unless somebody messed with little Jezebel. She was a kitten still by most standards, but already thicker than her sisters having so much Persian in her, she was still a sight to behold with her father's ice eyes and her mother's good looks. Her curves only added to the beauty she would possess when she came of age.

Seeing no concern or worry in her sister's demeanor bothered her. She loved both of her sisters, and even though they somewhat looked down on her, they treated her fair and would protect her if she was bothered. Not like she needed their protection with Brutus there.

"Jezebel is concerned by your behavior dear sister..." Jezebel said. "Narcissa isn't even dead yet..." Lilith, annoyed with the little half sister dismissed the officials.

"Well "Lilith" is pretty sure she has a country to run, I dont have time to worry!" Lilith replied mocking Jezebel who liked to speak in 3rd person. "She lost her eye, an ear, her tail, she has been bleeding since mother died, they are doing all they can but expect her to be dead by morning..."

"Jezebel is sad... is Brutus...?" Jezebel said patting his head as the big hound like brute gave her a sad look. "But Jezebel doesn't give up on Narcissa just yet..."

Narcissa lived through the night and made a frightfully rapid recovery. With her eyes sewed shut and her ear and tail cleaned and decorated with jewelry she looked as regal as any cat, even with her scars she was still beautiful when she sat on the throne and took the scepter as the new Queen.

"A new day dawns..." Queen Narcissa shouted to those who looked on. "A day where the Feline will rule our planet and strike down any who oppose us!" The deafening cheers of the felines below showed the universal support the new Queen held.

Some amazing art and commissions of these characters~!

Narcissa and Lilith  by KatKathasaHatHat

Lilith and Narcissa by :iconkatkathasahathat:

Commission Narcissa by TigersSunshyn

Narcissa on her Throne by :icontigerssunshyn:

CommissionBow to your queen (Com) by MsColorsplash

Narcissa by :iconmscolorsplash:

The Evil Queen by Obieros23

Lilith by :iconobieros23:

Meet The Villain by Obieros23

Lilith by :iconobieros23:

Jezebel and Bruce by Obieros23

Jezebel and Brutus by :iconobieros23:

COM Kitties having a beach day by TigersSunshyn

Beach Kitties Featuring Narcissa by :icontigerssunshyn:

Narsissa by RamonCrimson935

Narcissa by :iconramoncrimson935:

Just cause all those artists are AMAZING!!!!


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